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    Thursday, October 14, 2010


    Ok so the big news is I have a lot of stuff coming very soon. I am redoing the blog and will make it a website by the end of the year. I have a few trip reports a lot of new reviews and a lot of videos Im working on. Instead of adding more to this blog I will wait and release it all at once when the site looks the way I want it too.

    thanks for coming back and hopefully like I said by the end of the year I will have a new site up and running.

    thanks and Happy Gaming,

    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    Time to Write Something

    Hello to all and Happy Holidays,

    Once again its time for me to complain that I dont have enough time or money to go to the casino's. I have made very few trips up to Blackhawk this year and never much to write about when I did get to go up.

    Life is going great for me though as Im happy to announce that I have another child on the way. Expected arrival June 26th. Also we have just purchased our 1st home moving in middle of Jan.

    That being said I do have some trips coming up that I hope to write about. My gambling partner in crime, my mother Debbie, will be visiting for the holidays and we will be going up to Blackhawk on New Years day along with my dad and yes my wife Jennifer. And for those of you who asked, Jennifer did have a good time during the Labor Day trip. She still hates games with numbers instead of symbols but she had a good time either way.

    I will also be making a trip in Febuary for my 30th birthday. Plan was to stay the night in the new Ameristar Hotel but with buying a new house and the baby on the way, I think I will be happy with just a day trip.

    Thanks to everyone who has commented on the blog and sorry for some of the random adds that have popped up in comments and stuff. I will try to do a better job of maintain the site.

    Again Happy Holidays to all and Happy Gaming,


    Saturday, August 15, 2009

    Next Trip

    Hello World,

    Well things have been quite on the gaming front. Had a really good trip up to Blackhawk in July. Hope some of you liked the twitter updates as I went through my day. I really liked it, it not only was fun to tweet while playing, it seemed to make my money and day last longer.

    Thoughts from the trip:

    1. I really like Viva Monopoly. Love the bonus rounds execpt for the craps bonus since im not a craps player.

    2. Lucky Meerkats is a very nice follow-up to Lucky Lemmings

    3. Star Trek is fun if you win, but then again what slot isnt fun if you are winning.

    4. Finnally I love the fact that the Casino's are now open 24 hours.

    Next trip will be Sept 6th and my wife will actually be joining me for the 1st time in about 2 years.

    Join my Twitter site: casinoreview4 for more updates and to follow my Sept 6th trip.

    Happy Gaming,

    Thursday, April 2, 2009


    Wow how the world changes. I was already to write a mega trip report from my birthday trip in February, but when I came home I was so deflated that I didn't want to even think about the trip.

    I lost a little more than I planned but not more than was in my means by any manner. I got a little bit of extra money for my birthday and just decided to have some fun.

    It wasn't the trip that deflated me it was more the fact that I was putting money in the same old machines and when those didn't pay out it was just, I hate to even say it, Boring.

    I discovered that the years that I was complaining about not being able to go to the casino more often, I was actually doing myself a favor. By going every other month or so I was able to let new games cycle into the Colorado casinos and was always finding something new to play while only relying on my old favorites as stand byes.

    I have since talked to a few friends who realized that same thing. If you don't live near a gambling mega center like Reno, AC, or Vegas, the games don't change much and once a month while fun doesn't really give it much time to switch things up.

    It took almost a month before I even wanted to think about my favorite gaming sites or this blog but I think I'm over it for now and back to the gaming sites I used to love.

    Well that's my rant. Whats new, Twitter. The greatest thing ever for a blogger like me. There are times when wrighting a blog about something so little seems so trivial that I wouldn't write anything but with twitter I can do a quick update and seems to give out just as much information as a full blog.

    With the ability to text updates to twitter via my phone and also post pictures via twitpic from my phone. I can just imagine my next trip report, live coverage via twitter. follow me from machine to machine, casino to casino. I will have to upgrade my plan and add the texting package but it just sounds like fun to me to be twitting my progress.

    That's it for now. So be on the lookout for my Twitter updates. Next possible Trip will be June 1st, the day the new expand hours and betting limits start in Colorado, I might just have to play some Blackjack and Roulette just because.

    Happy Gaming,